Monday, 26 August 2013


Well, this isn't exactly a review but going to do it anyway! I was asked to do a collab with six other amazing bloggers and for our first week we are doing a YOU theme, so its all about getting to know us. I decide to do a sort of pros and cons of being me. So here goes.....

Okay, here are the cons: 

1) I'm pretty tall (5ft 9). This comes with a few cons: When I fall it is further to fall, it sucks flying on planes and I can't wear heels without towering over my friends. I can also never be inconspicuous and hide in crowds.

2) Where I live. I live in a village which has about ten shops in it ( three of which are charity shops), I have to take the train if I want to go anywhere and I have to cycle a fair way to my friends' houses. I live in the UK, so it rains nine months of the year and is cold the other three (except for two weeks in July where everyone rushes outside wielding barbecues and sun cream).

3) I spend too much time on the internet, which means that I waste a lot of time laughing hysterically on my own.

4) I am in secondary (high) school, I'm just about to start year/ grade eleven, which means that I have a lot of school work and revision to do. It can also be very bitchy, with a lot of cat fights and gossiping.

And here are the pros:

1) I'm pretty tall ( 5ft 9). This comes with a few pros: I can nearly always reach the top shelf and tall people are easier to spot in crowds. I never have to wear heels to be taller and basketball and netball are easier.

2) Where I live. I live in a village; this means that there is a lot of trees, fields and open spaces. I live near a train station so I can go to Bristol pretty easily if I need to go shopping etc. I live in the UK which is an island, so there are loads of beaches.

3) I spend a lot of time on the internet, I watch a lot of Youtubers and Vloggers, read blogs and go on Facebook, Twitter etc. This is great because I get a lot of quality internet time,  laughing hysterically on my own.

4) I'm in secondary (high) school, I'm just about to start year/ grade eleven, which means that I get to meet loads of new people and see my friends every day. I also don't have to pay any bills, cook for myself or do my own washing!

I hope you have got to know me a little bit better,

Lemmie x


  1. Really enjoyed your post, was giggling at some parts! :D I'm 5'8 so I have some of the same difficulties (my friends are all like 5'2!) :)

  2. Great Post, Lemmie! I loved reading your pro's and con's but my main question is how did you make the pictures

    1. Thanks! I just drew them on paper and then my computer has a scanner, so I just scanned them in, cropped them and uploaded them to my blog post :)

  3. Great post!! Loved your idea! :)

  4. This is an awesome post! :D